A funny, challenging classic card games for all card game lovers. The classical Solitaire you played on computer, now you can play it on your phone! You will see all the classical elements but with more new features, such as a time reminder which is designed for helping users to manage their time on this game. We know it's fun, but don't get too addicted!
Aged Solitaire Collection
Aged Solitaire Collection, including Classic Solitaire(also known as Klondike or Patience), Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire, is a brand new collection of various solitaire card games. Our Solitaire Collection will bring fun and challenge to all card lovers with simple rules and various gameplay. It would be the best casual game for brain exercise. If you like playing classic card games, please do not miss this solitaire collection!
Wood Block Puzzle
You need to fill the blocks in a 9×9 grid. Sounds easy? This amazing game has two modes: ""Classic Mode"" and ""Daily Challenge"". In ""Daily Challenge"" there are three interesting medals waiting for you to collect! In ""Classic Mode""you need to clear as many blocks as possible, and there are also wonderful combos waiting for you. Play as long as you can, instead of taking up more space, to break your highest score!
Block Puzzle Jewel
A fun and simple puzzle jewel puzzle game that combines jigsaw and tetris in one. Drag jewel squares into the 9x9 grid. Fill up a row, column or grid to eliminate jewel. Challenging block-filling game with brain teasers can sharpen your mind and improve your logical thinking ability, while relieving you the stress of life also making you feel happy.
Spider Solitaire
The enduring Spider Solitaire you’ve probably played in PC, now you can play on your phone! The new smart phone version of Spider Solitaire game retains all the enduring Spider Solitaire features but is more convenient to play! From the primary, professional, to master level, you will be able to tackle the puzzle on the go!
Idiom Guess - 成語猜猜
An educational game that combines competitiveness and fun. While relaxing, you can learn idioms, feel the charm of Chinese culture and improve your personal literary literacy. Breakthrough word game, according to the known words in 9×9 squares, fill in the remaining spaces with scattered words, so that each row and column will form the correct four-letter idioms.
AGED Sudoku
Sudoku is a logic number-placement puzzle game. To win, you need to fill the 9×9 grid with numbers so that there will be no repetitive number in each row, each column and each 3×3 sub-grid, namely numbers 1-9 will only appear once in each row, column or sub-grid. It will help you exercise your brain and memory when you think and utilize your logic when you are playing sudoku.
Aged Color
What to Color? Our app offers thousands of exquisite pictures produced by professional artists worldwide and beautiful images are updated every day for you to color them and relax your mind!Explore thousands of beautiful pictures updated daily, spanning over 30 categories from animals to nature. Relax and color your world!
Dominoes, originated in China in the 12th century, has become one of the world-famous boardgames. Now you can play it on your phone! Our Dominoes is a strategy game. It is good for developing logical thinking and enhancing memory. In our dominoes, you can choose 3 game modes:Dominoes All Fives, Block Dominoes and Draw Dominoes. Don't hesitate anymore, just download Dominoes now and have fun!

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